Wheel Marking Gauge Set 6''

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  • Shaft has graduated scales (1 mm and 1/8 inch increments) for easy reference. Length up to 6'' / 150mm.
  • Wheel retracts into face of the gauge for protection and easy vertical storage. Free-spinning wheel cuts wood fibbers - doesn't tear them.
  • Doubles as a depth gauge, Fast and easy to operate with balanced feel.
  • Great for quick measurement transfers for woodworking.
  • Designed for comfortable one-handed operation, including 2 spare blades.

This Wheel Marking Gauge Set 6'' lets you make perfect line layout marks both with and across wood grain. The hardened steel cutting wheel is beveled on one side, creating a natural pull that forces the face of the gauge against your work piece for straight, wander-free marks. Features a solid brass body, knurled lock nut, graduated scales and a recess to protect the cutter in storage.

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