NoCry Professional Knee Pads for Men and Women with Enhanced Non-Slip Heavy Duty Cap, Upgraded Adjustable Elastic Straps and a Comfortable Foam and Gel Cushion Superior

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NoCry Professional Knee Pads for Men and Women with Enhanced Non-Slip Heavy Duty Cap, Upgraded Adjustable Elastic Straps and a Comfortable Foam and Gel Cushion

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Style: Superior
Brand: NoCry
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  • Manufacturer: NoCry
  • Part Number: NC-PKP-V2G
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 10.24 x 9.45 x 4.72 inches
  • Style: Superior
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber
  • Batteries Required?: No
  • Date First Available: October 25, 2020
  • COMFORTABLE, PREMIUM SAFETY KNEE PADS YOU CAN WEAR ALL DAY. The EVA foam molds itself to your knee, creating a soft kneeling cushion. The thick gel layer cradles your knee and stops it from slipping and sliding. Together, these two soft layers support your knees and make kneeling feel good. Even if youre at work all day.
  • PATENTED HEAVY DUTY, HARD SHELL CAP FOR HARDWORKING MEN AND WOMEN. Made with durable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). Our unique cap is light, tough and designed to support your knees. Its abrasion and weather resistant so you can even kneel on the side of a mountain. Plus, the caps grooves and rubber coating keep you from slipping on smooth surfaces. And we raised the bottom of the cap so your ankles feel supported too.
  • IMPROVED ELASTIC ADJUSTABLE STRAPS AND STRONGER RIVETS. Our knee pads are fastened by two elastic straps and secured by rivets. This keeps your pads in place even when youre moving and supports your knees better. It also makes your pads easy to put on and take off.
  • STRAP YOUR PADS EVERY TIME YOU WORK. Fasten your knee pads when youre tiling the bathroom, laying down some hardwood flooring or concrete, doing professional construction or carpentry work, crawling under the house, cleaning, installing, gardening, doing mechanic work, roofing, welding, plumbing, hunting, or remodelling.
  • MADE WITH YOUR SATISFACTION IN MIND. Our knee pads use high quality, hard wearing materials. The TPR is tough and durable. The stitching is strong. The straps have heavy-duty buckles designed to keep your pads secure. Everything in these pads was designed so that our knee pads work harder than you do.

Protect your knees as you work If you spend a lot of time on your knees, then you know just how important protection is. Without the proper support, your knees get sore and uncomfortable. And then your legs and back get sore. And suddenly, working or DIYing gets a lot harder. Our tough, durable professional knee pads are designed to protect your knees so you feel great. The hard shell — made out of durable Thermoplastic Rubber (TRP) — is rugged and suited for kneeling anywhere. It will support you on the concrete at work, on a hot tin roof, or in the hallway as you scrub the tiles. And the cap is just the first layer. The foam and gel layers offer softness. They cradle and support your knees so you feel like you’re on a rugged cloud. We redesigned our cap for extra comfort and protection The old cap for our professional knee pads was good. But this one? It’s unique. It’s made of durable Thermoplastic Rubber (TRP.) And here’s the best thing about TRP: it’s both reusable and recyclable. It’s also lightweight and tough, offering good abrasion resistance, weather resistance and tear strength. It makes our new caps extra tough and durable. But toughness only takes you so far… That’s why the new design also improved stability. Here’s how it works: The cap has a lower "lip". This takes some of the stress from your ankle by raising it higher. And the lip is flat so it limits rolling. We also added improved grip on smooth solid surfaces so you don’t slip-and-slide your way to accidental injury. The logo part (grey on the caps) is made from a softer TRP. This rubbery material stops your pads from slipping. The darker area of the pad is made with a tougher TRP which lets the pad keep its shape. And the grooves running through both layers help water escape and increase grip even floors that are slippery when wet. Discover our improved adjustable elastic straps with rivet fastenings Our hardy knee pads are supported by two elastic straps secured by buckles. The buckles make it easier to adjust your straps and to take them off or slip them on. And here’s the best part: because the straps are tougher, they keep consistent pressure around your knees and keep your pads from slipping. We improved the rivets — our metallic fasteners — too. They are tougher and stronger so your pads don’t slip. Need some extra staying power? Criss-cross the straps behind your knees for an even better grip. Just remember —these pads work best when you wear them over your pants. Otherwise you may experience some chafing. Keep your floors scratch free The double- layered cap doesn’t just prevent your pads from slipping. The grey layer is made of soft rubber so that you can safely kneel on your hardwood or laminate floors without worrying about leaving marks behind. Easy to slip on and off —whatever your knee size. Forget about adjusting your knee pad straps every time you slip them on. Thanks to the buckle straps, you only need to do that when you put them on. Then just slip them on and off as you need. Cleaning your pads is a breeze. Our professional pads are tough and durable. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need some extra care. Clean them with a brush or a soft cloth in lukewarm water. When you’re done, dry them then store them in a cool, dry place — like your toolbox. Read more Wear our professional kneepads if you: Need hard shell protection when kneeling on surfaces like concrete, rocks, broken glass and steel.Need a product that's designed to last and take some scuffing. We chose TRP for our pads cap re-design so that they last.Need plenty of cushion when kneeling for extended periods of time. NoCry professional knee pads are equipped with heavy duty padding as well as stabilizing gel so your knees feel good all day long.Work in a field where you need full range of motion from your pads like construction, carpentry, installation.Need extra support for your knees after a medical procedure or injury.Rely on your knees and need maximum protection. Don’t use NoCry professional pads if: You need a low profile knee pad. NoCry professional pads provide a high degree of protection but they take up more space than a bandage or soft brace.Kneeling is hazardous to your health. Our pads provide excellent protection and support but should not be used against medical advice.You don’t want a hard shell knee pad.You plan on wearing shorts and your pads for a long, long time. Your pads will still protect you… But they are more comfortable when they’re wrapped around longer pants.