Multi Angle Quarter Round Cutter (Miter Shear)

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  • Great for cutting chamfer, shoe molding, trunking, and wood parts for carpet.
  • Solid steel frame with plastic cover handle, comfortable to grip miter snips.
  • Trim Cutter Sharp blade with 45° -120° cutting angle, free to cut the trunking to different shape when needed
  • Sharp, heavy-duty replaceable blade
  • The set includes additional Spare Blade

Unbreakable blade and blade that can be sharpened Superior quality. This handheld Multi-Angle Miter Shear Trim Cutter unit is great for cutting all kinds of moldings in its capacity range. The Miter Cutter is an essential tool for any worker who needs to cut 45- 120-degree miters in small moldings on a regular basis. Similar to a garden shear, the built-in fence allows you to cut miter joints quickly, easily, and with accuracy.

Cuts all types of Mouldings

  • Easily cuts through all types of molding, wood, hose, synthetic material, and more.
  • Durable, hardened stainless steel blade for quick, clean cuts

Make fast Angle Cuts

  • Integrated miter plate with angled markings for accurate cuts of mouldings.
  • The clear markings on the shear angle cutters make it easy to get precise cuts at any angle.

Sharp and Accurate

  • Great for quick cutting for trim and carpentry applications
  • Ergonomic handle offers a secure and steady grip

The Miter Shear is a great tool for cutting chamfer or shoe mould or trunking. We added a superior hardened blade with an anvil for angled cutting applications. This tool will replace some of the other big bulky tools that are normally needed when you are working on the moulding.

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