DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole - Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole // Light Bulb Changer // Paint Roller // Duster Pole // Telescoping Pole for Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Hanging Lights 24 Foot (Pack of 1)

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DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole - Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole // Light Bulb Changer // Paint Roller // Duster Pole // Telescoping Pole for Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Hanging Lights

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Size: 24 Foot (Pack of 1)
MPN: DocaPole_24
UPC: 092624206951
EAN: 0092624206951

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Package Dimensions : 71.26 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches; 4.1 Pounds
  • Date First Available : June 13, 2017
  • Manufacturer : DOCAZOO
  • Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,910 ratings
  • THE ONLY EXTENSION POLE YOU'LL EVER NEED extending all the way to 24 feet from only 6 feet, this retractable extension pole performs all the hard to reach tasks typically requiring poles of two lengths; from high ceilings, walls, fans and recessed lighting indoors to gutters, tall trees, roofs and windows outdoors
  • NEW STRAIGHT METAL TIP + MULTI-ANGLE TIP ATTACHMENT new dual-tip combo meets all functional requirements; the straight metal tip will stand up to all your toughest tasks, while the newly reinforced multi-angle tip attaches to the metal tip, when required, to provide over 180 degrees of rotation to find the best pole angle for cleaning gutters, dusting ceiling fans, painting, aerial photography, home inspections, and performing other unique tasks
  • EASY UPRIGHT EXTENSION AND USE the DocaPole is easily extended straight up due to its short 6 foot retracted length, facilitating easy and safe extension indoors and in other tight places. Other long telescopic poles only retract to 8 feet and require extra room for horizontal extension before being turned upright
  • COMPACT STORAGE AND TRANSPORT short retracted pole length facilitates easy storage in the closet or hanging on a shop wall and enables the pole to comfortably fit into a car trunk or truck bed for easy transportation while also making the pole safer for carrying indoors. The quick-release thumb lever clasps enable easy pole extension and retraction
  • USE WITH ANY SCREW-ON ATTACHMENT search DOCAPOLE ATTACHMENTS to see our line of dusting attachments - the poles universal metal and reinforced nylon screw tips are extra durable and work with nearly all pole attachments, including paint rollers, squeegees, dusters, cleaning brushes, retrieval hooks, fruit pickers, gutter cleaners, roof rakes, camera adapters, light bulb changers, pool skimmers, and more (ATTACHMENTS NOT INCLUDED)

DocaPole 24 Foot Extension Pole ______________________________ From washing elevated windows to trimming tall branches, from dusting high rafters to painting corners, from clearing gutters to raking roof debris, the DocaPole 24 Foot Extension Pole is the one telescoping adjustable pole to cover every need. Read more The Ultimate High- Reach/Long-Reach/Far-Reach Solution The DocaPole 24 Foot Extension Pole is the perfect solution for all the hard to reach tasks typically requiring multiple poles. At full extension with an attachment, your pole provides up to 30 feet of reach when used standing. Length adjustment is safe and easy even when extending in an upright orientation. Collapse the pole down to 6 feet for simple access in tight spaces as well as for storage and transport. DocaPole is the ONE adjustable pole to cover every need. 6 to 24 feet of extension providing up to 30 feet of reach when used standingLight-weight, high-quality aluminumComes with a multi-angle tip accessory for dialing in the perfect positionEasy upright extension allows for a greater range of job solutions that start from a confined spaceCompatible with the wide variety of Docazoo accessories and all standard threaded attachmentsStay safe and stay off the ladder (attachments sold separately) Read more Reach Anything, Reach Anywhere – DocaPole gets the job done! Quick-Release Thumb Levers Quick-release Thumb Lock Levers allow for rapid pole length adjustment (no cumbersome twist locks)Adjustable clasp locking tension is fine-tuned with a Phillips head screwdriver to suit preferenceCollapses down to 6 feet for safe, easy access to tight spaces and for convenient storage and transportEasy upright extension solves a greater range of tasks in confined spaces (unlike other more limiting designs requiring horizontal extension before raising) Metal Tip for Strength Solid Metal Tip provides strength for a secure connection with standard threaded accessories Compatible Tip for use with the wide range of DocaPole accessories and all standard ACME threaded attachments (accessories sold separately) Adjustable Angle 180° Adjustable Hinge Tip accessory attaches to metal tip when needed for challenging angles and hard-to-reach tasksPositive Lock Knob dials in the perfect angle for jobs like clearing gutters and dusting high surfaces Comfortable, Confident Grip Padded Foam mid-pole for comfort and balanceRubber End protects and provides a confident grip Read more Inside – complete interior tasks without a ladder Roll paint efficiently; Sand drywall effectivelyDust elevated ceiling fansClean high rafters and cornersClear cobwebs from nooks and window sillsCleanse more surfaces for better air qualityAccess heating and air ventsReplace recessed light bulbsClear streaks from sky lightsHang lights and decorative plantsDisplay and remove retail goods Outside – solve exterior jobs while staying grounded Wash 2nd and 3rd floor windows as well as entryway and large bay windowsScrub house panels and sidingClean solar panelsBrush decks, patios and garage floorsClear driveways and sidewalksKnock down wasp nestsRake roof and gutter debrisCollect leaves and yard waste Retrieve toys stuck in pools and trees or on roofsSaw dangerous overhanging branches before the storm Use wet or dry – wash with less hassle Wash cars, trucks, RVs, large trailers, and boatsSqueegee windshields without strainScrub wheels, tires, and trim without bending overClean interiors using the same wet/dry use DocaPole accessories (attachments sold separately) See photography & video from a new angle Home and roof inspectionsReal estate photography360° photography & VREvent photographyYouth sports and coaching videoLess complicated and cheaper than a drone (accessories sold separately) Read more 24' Cleaning Kit 12' Cleaning Kit Squeegee GoSaw Hook 24' Brush Kit 24' DocaPole ✓ ✓ 12' DocaPole ✓ Window Squeegee ✓ ✓ ✓ Microfiber Feather Duster ✓ ✓ Flexible Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster ✓ ✓ Cobweb Duster ✓ ✓ GoSaw ✓ Ultra Soft-Bristle Brush ✓ Medium Bristle Brush ✓ Hard Bristle Brush ✓ How many uses can you find? Stay off the ladder. Stay off the roof. Get the job done with DocaPole! (accessories sold separately)