Multi Angle Shoe Molding, Soft Wood and Plastic Cutter with Adjustable Angle Block

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  • Great for cutting chamfer, shoe molding, truncking and wood parts
  • A sharp blade with new angle-adjustable block, free to cut the quarter rounds to different shape when needed
  • Solid steel frame with plastic cover handle, comfortable to grip miter snips
  • Sharp, heavy-duty replaceable blade
  • The set includes additional Spare Blade


The Miter Shear is a great tool for cutting chamfer or shoe molding or trunking. We added a superior hardened blade with an anvil for angled cutting applications. This tool will replace some of the other big bulky tools that are normally needed when you are working on a molding.

  • Great for cutting chamfer or shoe molding or truncking, but can't cut hardwood.
  • Makes fast 22.5 - 45 degree cuts in a quarter round
  • Replaceable blade
Soft Wood


Cuts all types of Moldings

  • Easily cuts through all types of molding, wood, hose, synthetic material and more.
  • Durable, hardened stainless steel blade for quick, clean cuts
Shoe Molding

Make fast Angle Cuts

  • Integrated miter plate with angled markings for accurate cuts of moldings.
  • The clear markings on the shear angle cutters make it easy to get precise cuts at any angle.

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