Multi Angle Miter Shear Cutter with Adjustable Angle Block

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  • Great for cutting Trunking, Cable raceway, Plastics, PVC strips or pipes, Rubber Gaskets, Soft-cut Corners and wood sticks.
  • Solid steel frame with plastic cover handle, comfortable to grip miter snips.
  • Sharp blade with new angle adjustable block 45° -135° cutting angle, free to cut the trunking to different shape when needed
  • Sharp replaceable blade
  • The set includes additional 15 Spare Blades

The Miter Shears offer a flexible solution for carefully cutting plastic, rubber, or soft wood with precision all without the risk of crushing delicate work pieces. Red Oak Tools are made utilizing the highest quality materials and are USA engineered to produce a tool unmatched in the industry in terms of features, comfort, design and performance.

Gasket Cutter

Good for ribbon cable up to 55 mm width
Opening spring and locking device

Plastic rubber soft wood

Carefully cut of plastic, rubber and soft timber sections without crushing the work-piece
For crush-free cutting



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