Micro Jig MB-050-0514 MATCHFIT Dovetail Router Bit For Dovetail Clamps, 14°, ½” Dovetail Profile, Yellow

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  • Rout incredibly clean dovetail grooves and requires less sanding
  • Perfect fit for the matchfit dovetail Clamp system
  • Evacuate chips and dust, reducing friction, and heat, resulting in cleaner cuts.
  • 14-Degree, ½” profile with unique rounded corners for smoother grooves
  • Router collet safety line shows how deep into the collet the bit should be

Product description

The match fit Dovetail router bit is specifically designed for the match fit Dovetail clamps and dovetail hardware.

Micro Jig DVC-538K2 MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps



Its unique design uses the same standard 14-degree, ½” profile, but with rounded corners. It routes incredibly clean Dovetail grooves and requires less sanding, making the match fit system faster and easier than ever before. Down Shear - the 8-degree down Shear utilizes the bit's rotation to evacuate chips and dust, reducing friction, and heat, resulting in cleaner cuts.

Bottom round over - the bottom of the dovetail Groove Bears the majority of the clamping pressure. The 1/32” round over strengthens that bottom corner by removing less material. This is especially important when routing grooves in plywood, as it minimized the possibility of plies Separating.

Top round over - the 1/16” round over at the top of the dovetail Groove has several functions. Firstly, it prevents tear-out and fuzz, significantly reducing the amount of sanding needed. It also provides a range of tolerance. The bit can be set to a depth anywhere between. 365” and . 385”, and still be fully compatible with the match fit line of products. Within that range, The width of the Groove opening at the top will remain the same, but with varying round overexposure.

The shallower the Groove, the smaller the round over. The deeper The Groove, the more pronounced the round over will be. Laser-cut ⅜” depth guide - the depth guideline is exactly ⅜” from the end of the carbide cutter. With the depth guideline even with the surface of the material, The bit will cut a. 375” deep groove, which is in the middle of its range of tolerance.

Wide base - the wide base reduces vibration and noise while routing grooves, resulting in smoother, cleaner cuts. Router collet safety line - the router collet safety line shows how deep into the collet the bit should be. The shank of the bit was designed to be as long as possible, while still fitting into any Major manufacturers’ router. This provides more surface area for the collet to grip, reducing vibration for a smoother cut, and minimizing the Risk of the bit loosening and ejecting from the router.

Dovetail Router Jig

Perfect match

Complete the MATCHFIT system with the smoothest cutting router bit for your MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps.

They're a match made in heaven.

Dovetail Router Bit

Smoother grooves

A special cutting profile lets you cut smoother 14-degree 1/2-inch dovetail grooves with less mess and less sanding.

The rounded corners give you a clean cut on the first past.

Dovetail Router Jig

Perfect height

A depth line is set to exactly 3/8-inch from the top of the bit. This lets you dial in your height fast.

A preset safety line is marked on the body of the bit to prevent it from losing hold or bottoming out.