Best Utility Cart 2020

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Best Utility Cart 2020

Our Pick for the Best Utility cart is - WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart

Best Utility Cart 

Product Description

  • Two 30 in. by 16 in. by 4 in. shelves hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • Avoid rust, chips, and dents with an easy-to-clean surface for simple maintenance
  • 5-inch non-marring casters provide effortless and smooth mobility without scuffing surfaces
  • Convenient push handles include a variety of smaller compartments along with a cup-holder for additional storage
  • Durable polypropylene material ensures a long lifespan

 utility cart

Product Review

This cart is awesome it's lightweight easy to handle extremely strong and sturdy very easy to put together. Cart is made well, and definitely holds the weight no problem and is sturdy. The only issue I had with the cart is that all the screw holes did not all line up on one of my legs. Other than that it's definitely worth the purchase. The construction of the cart is solid and it feels heavy duty. The bins have pre-molded areas which also have interlocking slots imparting more stability for the cart. The wheels move comfortably and smoothly with very little noise. The wheels have a non-marring design, helpful for traveling on hardwood floors.
Having small compartments on the utility tray makes for having small tools, nuts, bolts, screws, and other items handy and within reach. The height of the lower tray is about 19.5 inches. There is quite a bit of item that can be transported and the cart is stable given the construction and heavy-duty wheels.

Our Pick 

This cart is great, the price is fair. I anticipated a frustrating assembly but was wrong.

My construction advice for others:

* One rubber mallet
* One Phillips screwdriver of appropriate head size (#2)
* One 14mm socket with a socket wrench and 5-inch extension (ideal) - OR- One 14mm wrench if you don't have a 5-inch extension.

Lay of the land:
* There are 16x bolts with 14mm nuts and lock washers. These attach the wheels and the bottom shelf to the legs.
* There are 12x screws. These attach the legs to the top shelf.
* The legs each have one end with three holes and one end with 4 holes. The end with three holes attaches to the top shelf. The end with 4 holes attaches to the bottom shelf.
* Inspect one of the shelf pieces to ascertain which is the top and which is the bottom. The top has additional grooves into it for which the handle is gently inserted. The bottom has 4 holes for which the legs and wheels attached.
* Carefully inspect the top of the bottom shelf piece and note that for each corner, there is exactly one beveled groove for which a leg will ultimately fit. Pay attention here! It can only fit one way. Make note of this during assembly.

* With the lay of the land much more clear before you start assembly, the instructions should hopefully be less confusing.
* Place the top shelf upside down on the floor.
* Slide the handle/cup holder part into the grooves on either side of the top shelf.
* Use the mallet to fully seat the handle/cup holder.
* Taking note of the leg orientation during "Lay of the land" grab one leg, orient it for the correct bottom shelf position, but use three screws to attach it to the top shelf.
* Repeat with the remaining three legs.
* With the bottom shelf upside down, slide it into all 4 legs.
* Use the mallet to fully seat all four corners of the bottom shelf into the four legs.
* Starting with the handle/cup holder side, grab on of the non-rotating wheels and place it above the 4 screw holes. Insert a bolt from the bottom shelf, through the leg, and past one of the wheel holes. Add a lock washer and bolt. Loosely tighten. Attach the second non-rotating wheel on the same side using the same instructions.
* Attach the remaining two wheels at the other end using the same combination of bolt/lock washer/nut.
* Tighten all 16 nuts until the lock washers are compressed, then give each nut another half-turn or so. No need to over tighten here.
* Place the small metal towel rack tube into the handle/cup holder part.

Flip over and enjoy. 

utility cart 



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