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Best Trim and Moulding Paint 

Eco-friendly paints are best for the decoration and protection of your house's trim. Following are the best paint paints for trim.  Are you wondering what kind of paint to use on the trim? Which paints are best to use in the home for Trim? We highly recommend Acrylic-Acrylic, Acrylic latex, Acrylic-Alkyd Hybrid, or you can even use semi-gloss paint. These are some of the best paints for the trim.
In this article, we are going to review all the best paints for the trim so you can choose one according to your choice.

Types of paint that can be used on Trim?

You should prefer paint that is easily cleanable and gives a glossy finish for trim painting. A semi-gloss paint can be used in this regard. It is easy to clean, and it still adds some sheen to your trim. There are various types of paints that can be used to make your trims look beautiful.

What Kind of Paint for Window Trim?

Glossy finish paint is always preferred for window trims. These paints are easily cleanable, give an excellent finishing, and look unique after drying.

Paints with a glossy finish repel grime and dirt, are durable, and they stand out better than flat paints before and after exposure to weather elements. Also, it must go well with the paint color around the house.

Bare Wood Trim

Window trims are usually made up of bare wood and while using the paint for trims, you should consider its adhesive properties and how well it can repel dirt and water.  It is also important to get paint that prevents wood chipping when cleaning thus protecting it from the weather.
You can choose enamel paint and acrylic paints in this regard. Enamel paint works best on the wood particularly, giving it a fantastic finish and also provide a wide variety of colors.
The exterior wood trim can be painted with acrylic or oil paint which gives a glossy exterior finish. The trim paint's color should complement the exterior wall paint's color.
High latex gloss paint can be chosen for interior wood trim and the color should be contrasting with the interior paint.
For example, if the interior walls are painted sky-blue, you can color the trims, white.


PVC Trim

The best paint for PVC Trim is one that is 100% acrylic latex. You may also use one that is 100% acrylic and has urethane as an additive. This paint is not durable and flexible but also sticks better to PVC trim.
100% acrylic prevents it from peeling off in extreme atmospheres. It is easily cleanable though. With the reflective index of 55 and more, they give a cooler effect so a light color should be used to give a nice effect. Darker paints may absorb heat energy and start peeling or cracking. The surface should be left for at least 30 days to let the paint sit and dry properly.
The Sherwin Williams paints for PVC Trim are among the industry best, and you should consider them. Choosing the best type of paint for trim requires careful consideration, considerable knowledge and skill. This is why our experts have accumulated various tips on which type of paint to select to get the best possible output.
Now, we have to purchase fewer products as multi-layers allow the use of any paint on any surface. Multi-support products are also available (valid for wood, metal, radiators).

What Type of Paint Is Best For Trim – The Different Types of Varnishes


Acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are commonly used as they dry rapidly and give off less odor. Also, it contains mostly water so gives it a less toxic image. Easy to use, it can be easily cleaned from tools with water.


Oil paint

It is rarely used nowadays. It has a strong smell and is toxic. It is difficult to clean and due to its solvent composition, it can't be cleaned by ordinary products. When using it, it is good to ventilate the room. It is ideal to give a lacquered effect.
Effective and durable, it is not recommended to use it in the kitchen and bedroom. This is the paint that has the best-covering power and the best yield.


The Alkyd paint

Although alkyd paints are new, they offer the same resistance as oil paints with a change in composition to water and natural base. However, it is less toxic than oil paint. It does not smell very strong and dries in a very short time (less than an hour).

Also, as compared to oil paint it does not require specific products to clean. This paint is an excellent compromise.

Enamel is a finishing product that is mainly used for the interior of panels and beams. It serves to protect the wood. For interiors, you can opt for a transparent or colored enamel.  The function of the enamel is more decorative. They are available in a variety of colors.

Colored enamel covers the grain of the wood a bit. While colorless enamel is seldom used in interiors, it is more conventional and maintains the natural appearance of the wood without altering its shade. The enamel is available in gel form which sticks better and is excellent in preventing mold and is anti-UV.

What is the best white paint for a trim? You can easily paint styrofoam moldings with water-soluble paints. Moreover, dispersion paints can also be used along with acrylic paints for interior walls.

When installing the polystyrene moldings, however, you should take several factors into account. It will make subsequent painting easier and better. Keep reading to find the best tips.



Preventive Measures for Paint Preparation

You can easily paint the surfaces of polystyrene moldings, which have already been smoothed by the manufacturers during the molding process. However, that is if they do not contain solvents. If it concerns old soiled decorative moldings and imitation stucco, a special insulating paint as a priming coat can improve the hiding power.

When painting polystyrene, the natural enemy of paint application is greasy dirt. Dirt and smoke can stick on these moldings in rooms with a fireplace or in kitchens where there is constant smoking.

Avoid leaving any adhesive product behind after assembling the paint. Ideally, you can completely prevent leakage and swelling by appropriate and careful dosing.

 The third factor influencing the paint and the result is finger and skin grease, which you apply during assembly or cleaning. Handle the strip with care to minimize the dirt.   Moreover, fabric or plastic gloves are helpful.


What Is the Best White Paint for Trim – Pre-Cleaning

If old polystyrene strips are dirty and you want to repaint them, a waving cleaning is necessary. Suitable cleaning agents and additives are available:


Special Cleaning Agents

  • Strong dilute Ammonia (caution, very toxic)
  • Bleaching agents
  • Soda
  • Rub the strips down with a mop.

Insulating Paint as Primer 

If dirt remains after pre-cleaning, you should apply an insulating paint as a primer. In this way after drying, clouds do not form above the dry coat of paint. You will find the insulating paint in shops under the name nicotine barrier.

Furthermore, if the adhesive is made of acrylic product you can fix the leaked adhesive.  You can simply paint it over with the topcoat.

Suitable Application Methods and Tools Are:

    • Spray paints (aerosols)
    • Brushstrokes with narrow bristled soft brush
    • Small paint roller with plastic head


Tips and Tricks for the Best White Paint for Trim

  1. Apply several coats of paint and dilute the paint by five to ten percent more per coat. In this way, you can make the surface more smooth and can work on the samples more easily. 

  2. Not only do you need to be careful during painting, but it is also important to take some precautions before start painting, too to get better results. First, you must clean the surface you want to paint. Avoid the use of chemicals to clean them: these may conflict with the paint.

  3.  Remember to slightly discard the surfaces, to have an even surface. Choose the right brushes: they will surely make your job easier. Finally, mix the paint once before painting to get a uniform color all over the profile.

  4. Hopefully, this article has helped you get answers to your queries for the best paints for trims. We have tried to cover each and every aspect for you so you can easily choose what is best for you. Remember the paint for trims depends upon the surface and material. Choose wisely according to your requirements as the trim paint is the main part of making your place perfect.

  5. Try to be as careful as possible and follow precautions to get the best results. Choose from contrasting colors as per your choice among the wide range of colors available in the marketplace. We are sure you will get your desired results easily!

Best Way to Cut Trim and Moulding 

We highly recommend to use these shears for quick and easy cut of trim and moulding. 


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